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Agence Régionale de l'Innovation
Coda Technologies was supported
in its development by a
Technological Service Network


TEPEX was born in Caen in
collaboration with ENSI.

TEPEX the straight burden checker

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To check easily the position of a blasting hole

A emitter probe

A feeding

No computer !

TEPEX 2S distancemeter in cross measurement

In less than one hour, you know how to make it.

Simple and efficient !

Adjust the load of explosive of each of the blasting holes


Reading box

Transmitter probe

model A : L = 450 mm    Ø = 50 mm (TEPEX 2S et ML2)

model B : L = 450 mm    Ø = 45 mm (TEPEX ML2)

Computer science to treat measurements memorized in TEPEX 2S

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